March 19th, 2005



Woke up this morning with a major sinus headache. Not so congested I couldn't breath, the pressure is what brought me out of sleep. It's better now, after some hot coffee and ibuprofin therapy.

I added a couple of communities this past week; actually, I didn't even join them, I'm just "watching" them for now. One is not terribly active but the other is. I'm starting to think I should un-join from that community, as I know I can find it easily. That, or figure out how to filter my view (and theoretically yours) to check it out only when I'm interested.

There are a couple of other communities I wandered into this week as well. deadmentalking is courtesy of fatfred and starcat_jewel, and sages_of_chaos from starcat_jewel also. Starcat is correct; it's in the comments. fatfred & Skippy, I think you guys may like that one too (not that you're the only ones I know who will). I've not listed them on the "friends" list yet, because of my experiences with Behind the Lens as well as a comment from Skippy; they're easy to find.

This led me into my other mind meander, which is looking at LJ Friends interests lists, and reading LJ Friends Friends. They're sort of related in my mind, because we do tend to look at things and people we're interested in. I've kept my Interests fairly pruned, when compared with several of my LJ Friends. Do not misinterpret this; what I'm addressing is that there's things on those lists I'm interested in which I've not entered on my list.

One of these days I'll work up enough gumption to run through this concept in an entry.

Right now, it's time to go feed the Ranch.
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