March 30th, 2005


The Annual Hadj, Update

Errands run this morning:
Pick up rental car to get down to Daytona International Airport = Check
Pick up Ruthie's serger, done with repairs and sitting in shop for two weeks = Check
Pick up second point-and-shoot digital (His and Hers! Horrah!) = Check
Pick up refills for Echinacea = Check

Still to do:
Load car
Drive to Deltona for staging purposes and to snuggle with Ruthie (about 40 minutes to airport from there, vs. two hours plus from here)
Feed ranch

And all I want to do is:

However, once I get there I've some time to relax before the Shindig starts, even given I've work to do before the Official Opening Ceremony. And when I'm done, I've got some time to focus on photography. Pun, obviously, intended.
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