April 4th, 2005


N'Orleans Update

Been busy; I think I mentioned this is a busman's holiday as it were. Having fun being busy, but not much sightseeing and now Congress is in full swing. Worked today (official business), but also got to take part in a Parade! and saw Patch Adams. Didn't have time to get a book signed (that's when I had to go to work).

Tomorrow, more work but of a different kind, doing a presentation on... doing presentations. Public Speaking: Enjoy the Opportunity. Um, yeah.

Also tomorrow, does anyone out there believe I am going appropriately attired to a Black Tie Gala?
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Interlude: N'Orleans

There is a jazz marching band outside my hotel room window. They are quite simply strolling slowly along and jammin' away. Such sweeeet rhythms, brass sharp and tuba mellow.

So glad I decided to play hooky today. Well, not totally. I attended to all the business required of me. Then I said, I'm done. So there's two more periods of sessions, including a big general session... I'm gone, bye, seeya.

And I figured I'd be resting a bit before the black tie gala...

bwa Bwa bwabwA BWAAA, bwabwa BWAAA bwabwa wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa

oh yeah!
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