April 8th, 2005


N'Orleans, AORN

My nursing conference is over, though there's still a morning of work tomorrow. Then I get to play. Not that I haven't played this past week; just it will be a different play.

But right now, I'm tired, and tomorrow is still going to arrive early.
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Life Is What Happens

They say it's what happens when you're making plans. I'd planned on being done with everything AORN related by noon to 13:00, but it took a bit longer than that. I just looked at the clock to realize the time is later in the afternoon than I thought... could be said we're into early evening.

Anyway. This is actually a common event following the week of AORN Congress. I know I've not mentioned much about it because I figure nearly 7000 perioperative nurses meeting for continuing education and conducting business is rather boring to the general public. I mean, we feel pretty strongly about the business we just transacted, and continuing education is vital to keep nurses current in today's health care environment (though there are states which do not require it for license renewal, my state does, and I hold a specialty certification that also does). But trust me, it's a pretty whirlwind pace and it can really disconnect one's time sense, other than what time of day it is. What day is it? Oh, yeah.

So today I didn't get much if any photography in, but I did get some other things accomplished. There's plans for dinner with friends, and that constitutes play, Fred. The brass band from Monday went past my hotel again today, only this time they didn't pause to entertain quite as long. Tomorrow is time for lot's of play.

Sunday will be time for travel. Enough said.
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