April 9th, 2005



Walked around the edge of the French Quarter yesterday evening, and ate at a marvelous restaurant on Decatur just off of Canel called Cafe Giovanni. Great food (I had Voodoo Shrimp, oh my) and live entertainment. A pianist plays starting around 19:00 or so, and at intervals a tenor comes in and sings either Neapolitan songs or arias from various operas or operetta's. He doubles as one of the managers.

Heading back to the hotel where my friend and dinner companion is staying we passed by Harrah's Casino. On the steps of the casino were something between 100 - 200 people dressed in antebellum gowns, with the gentlemen in appropriate attire. Some of the gentlemen were wearing American Civil War era military attire, both Union and Confederate, others were wearing civilian attire. They were posing for a group photograph.

We wandered over, myself thinking this could well be a re-creation club, and discovered they are from a auto sales company in Spain, here on vacation (partially it is a reward for performance thing as well). So I guess last night's event was the costume ball.

I missed getting up early enough for sunrise photography. The crud I started the week with isn't totally gone, and all of you who do cons or ren faires know how much energy that involves. This is much the same thing, and I just couldn't get myself out of bed that early this morning. Tomorrow will be off to home, so today's play will be either to ride the trolley out into the Garden District or walk through the French Quarter and photograph architecture.

First, clean up and a breakfast.
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I'm procrastinating shutting down the computer; the high speed Internet is nice. And I paid for it, so I want to use it all!

That said, here's a meme:

What type of anime characters are your friends?
by Bassfreak127
Your LJ/Xanga name:
Is a very powerful ninjajanetmiles
Uses magicbetnoir
Is the comic relief and serves no actual purposejoedecker
Gets badly hurt ever episodemarjai
Is the one in the very skimpy outfit that always gets hit onredlillymodel
The silent person whos exploding with powerpdxmarine

(Check here if this is a Xanga account, not an LJ: )
anime pictures, anime backgrounds, Inuyasha wallpaper, and Inuyasha pictures at Anime Cubed!

And, another:

My Unitarian
Jihad Name
is: Brother Shotgun of Looking at All Sides of the Question.

Get yours.

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NOLA Jazz Festival

Apparently, it includes a fireworks show. I can't see it directly from my window, but I can hear it!

My bags are packed. Except for the carry on with the computer. I'm debating last-minuting it, as it's an early day tomorrow. I'll be getting up by six thirty latest, possibly earlier.

But I'm having fun with the Internet!
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