April 16th, 2005


Chicken Soup

So, after putting the tax return into the mail, picking up dog and cat food, I did indeed get myself some chicken soup. Got home, unloaded the pickup (Ruthie has the Subaru, down to Mother Mary's again for business) slowly, fed the Border Collie Bros, and the Kittens of the Apocalypse. Then put the soup on to low heat, and myself into a hot shower. Following that, the soup, cough medicine, more TheraFlu(R), and about nine hours of sleep (interupted by occasional airway clearing), I'm feeling better. Not good, but better.

So today I must get out and feed the livestock; if that goes slow, that's fine. So long as they're fed. And later today I've an invite over to friends for dinner. I'll need to make up my mind on that, I accepted a couple days back, before I started feeling more under the weather. More chicken soup on the menu for lunch.

I'm sure I'm missing something in there I'm supposed to do today. After the rate of happening these past three weeks, there's got to be something. Though if I don't find it, I'm not going to complain. *G*
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Definitely Not Baja Georgia

My wife's uncle is also a friend of mine; might seem obvious but think about that. All the in-law jokes you've ever heard are because in-laws may not necessarily be friends. Still. Vis (short for Visual Data, sort of a username on another on-line community and also the name of his web site) is a fine-art photographer. Unlike me who am mostly informally educated in art, Vis holds a Masters and has taught at college level. He taught only for six years or so, being of the opinion that art professors shouldn't be tenured. It tends to make them sticks in the mud, and as artists they need to be willing to change, grow, experiment.

He posted this link about censorship in art in that other on-line community. And this is happening in a location other than Baja Georgia... in fact, it's happening in what was a Blue State, and in a community long noted for its eccentrics and artists (not always being the same, either). It is part of the reason why, even though my personal views on the rights of health-care professionals to choose on delivery of care differs from several on my Friends List, I agree that those very same professionals are required to find an alternative for the people asking to meet their needs as a part of their professional obligations. Because if I start asking for people to look at these kinds of censorship, I sure as hell better be willing to find common ground with the people who may come to support artists.

Just sayin'.

On another front, I've begged off going to friends for dinner tonight. I spent a good part of the afternoon recumbent and asleep after feeding the ranch, and I would just rather not share this particular bug. So more chicken soup is in my future (y'all will probably get tired of hearing about my chicken soup before I get tired of mentioning it), though I must go feed the Border Collie Bros first.

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