April 18th, 2005


Could Have Sworn

Thought I'd updated this thing last night... well, that could have been the fever. Nah, it wasn't that high of a fever. Must have been because it was time for "Lord of the Glen" and I've been missing entirely too many episodes of that show. When one chooses to watch only a few things on TV, one does miss getting to see them.

I did call work last night so they wouldn't worry when I didn't show up this morning. Which I didn't. On the other hand, I'm due to go feed the critters here. They won't starve, but it's brunch today instead of breakfast.

I did get the prints from N'Orleans back, but under this weather as it were haven't scanned anything yet. Besides, I need to clean off the desk desparately too. I'm starting to think about bringing in a trash can to do that, and if something gets missed because of it... tough.

We'll see.
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So Where Am I

It's about time to go feed the Bros. But I'm going to pause briefly first. Took today off work, slept late again, slept more in PM after catching up with feeding and watering all the critters. I'm not feeling normal yet, but am feeling more nearly normal if that makes sense. But I wonder...

Reviewed my calendar. Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd to keep a calendar that long, but it's on my Palm so it's not hard. Went better than two years not calling in sick (don't have more than three on the Palm, and that first year is a bit spotty). Not even mental health days. So why am I feeling so guilty about taking time now, when I am not feeling well?
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