April 23rd, 2005


A General Question

Basically, it's a question about maintaining one's LJ, particularly as I get to a point of interest to contemplate paying for a membership.

There are several communities I'm interested in. I subscribed briefly to one of them, but the volume of postings made it, not difficult, but time consuming to get to the entries from individuals I'm most generally interested in reading when I peruse LJ. There's also the Filters function. So, it seems to me this is the tool I need to investigate solving this dilemma.

General question first: how many of you utilize filters for this or similar reasons?

I'm contemplating this plan:
Create a "General" filter; this includes the people who I'm most often looking at on my current, unfiltered Friends view. Set this up to be the one I use, and I'm in business as usual right now.

Set up a couple of "Community" or "Commune_(subject)" filters; these will include the particular communities of interest. Switch to this filter when I want to skim the communities. Since some of them are graphic intense (photographic communities) this would be most often only when I'm directly connected to the Internet rather than via dial-up out here on the Ranch.
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