May 8th, 2005


Just 'Cause

It's amazing what we'll do sometimes when we're bored, and it's amusing sometimes what creates that boredom. Which is to say, Life is interesting, and I'm not bored there.

Three "user pics" though, just not enough. After all, there've been a couple friendly comments that the Cow (actually a yearling bull calf we no longer own) is interesting, but somehow doesn't inspire images of your humble correspondent. And Stoojyo works for the "artistic" postings, but still doesn't show my face. Though it was fun making that photo... I digress.

And Squrrel is quite happy to stand in for his brothers Smudge and Houdini, but the other two Border Collie Bros keep saying they'd like their faces up here sometimes.

Just not enough.

So I spent a little money.
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Some Thoughts

Doing something I do frequently (read the friends entries on friends friends pages), I ran across an interesting thought for the day: write down something about one's own mother. So, I thought, I could do this fairly easily. There's something written already.


I dabble in writing poetry. Some of it is probably good, but I consider myself a passable poet compared to my visual artwork. And what is written already is one of those poems. As such, it relies upon indented lines for the flow of the words and ideas. As yet, I've not learned how to drop that into my LJ.

All is not lost, thought. Time passes today, it is coming on time to go feed the Border Collie Bros, and then arrange for my own meal. So I shan't play more today. I do have a couple ideas, but must experiment with them to see if they'll work. Bit convoluted, though I think it should work as a lot of meme's use the same idea.

I've also discovered that if one things ahead to the possibility that one might be busy on a significant date, and one would like to easily make an entry for that significant date, and one makes an entry and gives the entry that significant date... LJ is happy to do so. Happy to mark it "private" so it's not visible until then, too. But every time one makes an LJ entry until that significant date, one must check the "Entry is Backdated" box, or one receives a message of confusion from LJ. Heh.

So this message is backdated to today, right now.
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