May 28th, 2005


Saturn's Day

Houdini: Smudge, you seen Squrrl?
Smudge: He's already over at the site.
Houdini: OK, cool. Sorry I'm late, had to check the new kids out.
Smudge: How many?
Houdini: Two out in my paddock. There were three, but one of them didn't survive. I hope Mrs. Boss isn't too upset.
Smudge: Speaking of Mrs. Boss, here comes Boss and Mama...

Boss: Morning guys, you ready to go feed the critters?

*wagging tails and bouncing bouncing boingboing*

Boss: Where's Squrrl?

*boingboing boingboing wagging wagging wagging wagging bouncing bouncing boingboing*

Boss: Ok, lets go, he'll catch up.
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Quiet Day

Been a quiet day over all. SWMBO is off to TMT, which is the 20th year or some such this year. One looses track. The Border Collie Bros were quite happy to help with the livestock this morning, though Squrrel showed up a bit late. Smudge kept breaking off for the West-side neighbor's when I started to do a walk-about on the East 20. Well, their father does live over there. I wound up putting him in kennel for a bit.

The cows were a bit curious, though as always a bit stand-offish when I bring the "wolleves" with me. I was expecting to find some mayhem over there; rumors about contracts and whatnot that reached my ears earlier this week. But nada, nothing, zilch.

I know I've mentioned our neighbor to the south; Doc's place actually wraps around the east side about half-way up our property. The piece just north of that, which touches our property to the road, is owned by a church group. I guess summer really is starting, I heard singing and chanting over there today. Not that unusual, and they run a couple of revival camps during the summer.

I was wondering if they're sponsoring a sports fundraiser though. Sounded like they were chanting "Rugger gouda, rugger gouda, rugger gouda." Over and over and over, for hours.
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