May 29th, 2005


Of a Sunday Morn

Squrrl: Whoa, Bros, did you see what they did?
Smudge: What?
Houdine: No...
Squrrl: They razed the roof!
Houdini: The roof?
Squrrl: Well, not all of it only part of it but it's like gone, and there's nothing but the wood framing!
Smudge: Cool it, here comes Boss.

Boss: Morning boys. Ready to go feed the critters?

*boingboing bouncing wagswagswags boingboing*
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Antidote found in crocodiles

Not sure what it means, exactly. It's the only part of a spam e-mail I "kept" as I clicked on the "Report the Spam" button to send this along the my ISP so the I'll never see the like again.


Cows were complaining at me at breakfast time again; all normal. Despite (currently) having 25 acres of fresh grass to graze, they become quite upset with me if they don't get a portion of sweet feed. Tomorrow they will be very, very upset with me, because they won't get any tomorrow. And, as we get closer to summer and into summer, the schedule will change from skip one day in three to feed one day in three.

Complain too much, girls, and I'll remind you again how much organically raised beef is selling for in the stores today. *EG*

Alas, coyote came shopping in the goat paddock last night. The two newest kids are gone. Quite simply... gone. Their mother is one of our more people-shy does and wouldn't follow us even when we carried her kids, so getting her into the maternity pen proved - well, we didn't, and coyote came shopping. This does provide a bit more evidence that the maternity pen in close to the house is working; coyote is still reluctant to come close to the house.

Houdini was particularly submissive this morning when I got out to the paddock, rolling over on his back. I assured him that I wasn't happy, he wasn't in trouble. We did an extensive walkabout along the west fenceline, and he paused to mark quite a few spots. Might help.

The church neighbors are still at it today, though it sounds a bit different. A bit clearer, perhaps, as the wind shifted. It seems their fund raiser may be dealing with toy musical instruments rather than sports types. The chant sounds more like "rubber tuba, rubber tuba" than the one about cheese yesterday.

Think I'll offer Mama Munch a car ride this afternoon. Run over to Archer for some bread.
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