May 30th, 2005


Monday Morning

Smudge: Guys, it was great! It was Tony Tiger great. The fire department showed up.
Houdine: Say what?
Smudge: Yeah, the humans that meet there, they all stood together and started singing and waving their books around. I heard "Out, ye demons" a lot, they kept repeating it. Then all the shaved dudes started squirming all over each other and rolling toward the humans, and the humans ran away. A little while later, the fire department showed up and started hosing the dudes down... and they just got into it! They'd roll around in the streams and stand up and get knocked over and come back for more!
Squrrel: You mean like when Boss or Mrs. Boss play Hosewater with us?
Smudge: Yeah, but these are way bigger hoses, Squrrel. It was soooo cool!
Houdini: Chill, guys...

Boss: You guys ready to go feed the critters?

*wagging wagging bounce bounce bounce*

Boss: OK. Let's go. Munch? You coming?
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I wonder what happened?

Ran into town again today, to do some laundry (two single objects which will not fit into our washing machine, and so need to go into a laundry mat to use the oversize one), and pick up Pepsi for SWMBO. It is a good thing she owns stock.


Coming home, I got a look at the little church next door. It doesn't look like a church from the outside; this is a poor, rural evangelical congregation. They've done all their own work to build this church, and I'm told that the interior is where they concentrated on making it look good. As I mentioned, several times during the summer, they'll hold a weekend-long retreat camp, and it includes a lot of singing and such.

Something happened there this past weekend. Originally I thought it was one of those retreat camps. This seems not to be the case. Part of the roof is missing. They've covered it a bit with tarp. I did get a photograph, but I'm having trouble getting a connection to my photo on-line storage that I use to "bank" things for use on LJ.

And, the grass is way more beat down than I've ever seen after one of their retreats.

And, my other next-door neighbor tells me the fire department and the sheriff deputies were there. The congregation members were saying something about their church being infested with three-foot tall leathery demons, thousands of them, with tails and teeth and webbed feet.

Webbed feet?

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