June 5th, 2005


Other Minor Weekend Accomplishments

On the same shopping expedition, we picked up a light kit for the bedroom cieling fan. I'm not a big fan of most cieling lights (I think it's related to my interest in how light shapes the perceived world, and single-point-source overhead light is, well, usually Boring), but Ruthann told me sometimes she needs more light in that room than the two bedside table lamps provide.

Mantar la cocinara contenta.

Having installed that light, I also hauled out a replacement fixture for the outside back door light. It is styled after the type of saucer-shaped shade industrial light which often is seen over warehouse doors in film noir movies, but painted white (Our house is white. It is the white house, eh?). Sort of industrial ugly... but it doesn't look at all bad in place.

I stopped, however, before putting up another exterior light fixture we've had for a bit outside the side door. We're planning on building a roofed over screened in deck out that door this year, and I'd rather put the fixture up after the construction work is done.

Only a couple other things on the list to get squared away before we get too deep into hurricane season.
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