June 9th, 2005


Too Many User Names... Doh!

I've just spent nearly a minute trying to log into one of the applications I use at hospital. It's the one I use to try to make my colleagues work easier. Mr. Computer kept telling me, "Incorrect User Name or Password" and I kept saying, no it's a correct username and password...

madshutterbug does not, actually, have priviledges to run that application.
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Life's Strange Occurences, or It's A Small World

I would like to send you all on a wee Internet trip. It might seem apropoe of nothing to go here, but there is something significant to me about the site. This is where my brother and his wife pulled Sailing Vessel North Star onto the hard for maintenance just a bit shy of a year ago now. This is where Hurricane Ivan trashed the entire island, though not, fortunately, North Star. This is where they say some nice things about my brother.

And so I just want to send them some really, really good vibes.

Every now and again, it pays to Google on your name for images. John is the first one up.

*steps to the line in front of the fireplace*

Here's to you, Bro. No regrets, Fair winds and following seas.

*tinkling of glass fragments bouncing around in the fireplace*

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