June 11th, 2005


It's Raining, It's Pouring

I am not, however, snoring. Must run an errand into town; these are the final two days of the Baja Georgia hurricane supply related tax holiday. Add to that the fact that the first tropical storm of the season is addressing the good people in the Panhandle, and I expect there will be many shoppers out. *sigh*

I also want to get things done in the Studio 318.

And yesterday was so much fun at work. Well, parts of it were fun...

All followed by my appointment with the eye doctor. Indeed, singingnettle, it seems even here in Baja Georgia frames are providing less lens area, though not less expense. I need to pick up the new sets when I run errands. My computer work glasses are also being updated, that pair is a single-prescription not progressives. Makes life with a computer monitor ever so much more pleasant.

Meanwhile, I'm using my old pair of progressives to surf this morning. Am I addicted, or what?
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