June 18th, 2005



It is grey outside, and I've heard thunder. This means Mamma Munch has no doubt gone into her "safe place" and won't come out for a while. She is much afraid of thunder and other similar loud noises. One of our neighbor friends is due over sometime around 09:30 - 10:00 this morning to feed the ranch critters, because my back is still not up to slinging feed buckets.

This means also that I won't be putting any plywood down on the floor in Studio 318, either.

Very stiff when I woke up; did some stretching before I even tried to get out of bed, think that helped. Things are better, as I was able to roll onto either side through the night when I'd wake up for needing to change position. I'd not call myself a restless sleeper because I don't usually wake myself up. SWMBO does not hold the same opinion.

She is also off to Deltona to take care of estate business. They are gearing up for the estate sale of those items none of the siblings care to claim. The good news is, she's been getting some help from siblings on this, as opposed to the inventory process which was pretty much left to her alone. Different folks, different methods of mourning.

I figure on keeping up my back meds through the weekend. Monday morning I'll need to decide if I'm ready to resume full duty. If not, then I need to make an appointment or just go see someone in a quick-care type place. Need a physician to sign off on extending the no-lifting light duty orders. I might be ready. You need not doubt that I'll be really conscious about how much weight I will sling around. And, no, Doctor, I'm not worried at all about it affecting your room turnover time. I will happily document the delay being due to your nurse can't lift for sh*t.
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Mamma Munch & the Safe Place

We've indeed had intermittent thunder, and sprinkles to light showers. Mamma Munch came out with me to let the boys stretch, and walked with us while Friends K & D fed the ranch critters. She also came out when fatfred stopped by for a brief visit. We walked around a little to show her parents the ranch... at least the little bit easily seen from our private road and the house.

After all of those jaunts, though, she's retreated to her Safe Place. This is between Ruthie's island workcart and the counter/cabinets next to the stove. It's safer, according to Mamma Munch, than even the master bedroom which has only two windows. Sometimes she'll go into the second bathroom, but even that is not as safe as her Safe Place.

She might come out with me to feed the boys, but no promises.

Since she came to live with us as an adult dog, I often wonder what happened in her life to cause her fear of thunder and loud noises so. It's not something that needs great intervention; she's quite content if she can be in her Safe Place.

There's another Safe Place which is under the back deck of Studio 318. That one is for when she's left outside and the storm comes before we get home. It's pretty good, too, underneath a set of steps at the low end. Those steps are boxed in, not typical riser/tread construction, so I'm not surprised it became the outside Safe Place.

But it's not as good as the inside Safe Place. The inside Safe Place is, according to Mamma Munch, teh die for.

Not too bad walking around, back is stiff and achy but the spasm seems to be done for now. Standing still isn't comfortable for long, walking isn't bad as I said, and sitting is OK. So is laying down, but it doesn't take long to get very stiff when I do that.

I could use a massage.
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