July 18th, 2005


How To Have Fun In Denver

Travel to Denver at the expense of your professional nursing association because you're an officer of the association. With your colleagues in the particularl office, spend the whole day inside working on putting together a slate of candidates for the next association election, along with a bit of other planning related to the event. Then make a bunch of phone calls to give the good news to the ones who were selected for the ballot. Following that, make a bunch of phone calls to give the news to a lot more people who didn't make the ballot. Leave the building and walk into 97 degree heat... but dry heat, nice, low humidity.

Go to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, and satiate yourself on Canilloni del Pollo with a mozzarella sauce with mushrooms, and an excellent house salad.

Head back to the hotel room provided by your professoinal nursing association and blather away briefly on LJ. Then crash.