July 27th, 2005


Go Figure

Getting ready for another nursing related trip, and trying to clear the e-mail account on-line. Generally this happens when I download e-mail via dial-up using Eudora. I'm not positive it cleared the on-line holding bin, because I'm having problems accessing the bin via the Internet. This is because I check mail on-line (like, when I'm at work) via the Web, but from home via the dial-up and Eudora. Outgoing mail accumulates, so I need to move it to the In Box so it will download. Lot's of wierdness happening, and I'm blaming it on McAfee's Spam Killer. Might or might not be the case, but these problems did start after Spam Killer was loaded.

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So overall, I'm not sure how much access I'll have, but I will need the Box because I plan on taking lots of photographs.