August 24th, 2005


State of the Employment

Started off briefly in my little corner of the world, doing nursing IT things. Lasted all of about eight minutes.

Now it's oral surgery; busted jaw. Jaw busted by Some Dude. At least it wasn't Coupla Dude.

ETA: That's an old, cynical joke in Emergency Departments and OR's; how'd you *get shot*break your jaw*break your arms (yes, both of them)* ?

I was just sittin' there an Some Dude * Coupla Dudes * Buncha Dudes *

I really, really don't want to meet that Dude family. They sound pretty antisocial.

And today, I gotta admit to myself, I really, really would rather be catching up on the Nursing IT rather than providing patient care. The backlog is just getting deeper.

On the other hand, I really, really enjoy receiving a paycheck.

ETA (13:56 local time): Starting on Side II. Sort of just like an old-fashioned LP vinyl record. Sometimes, I even think the needle is stuck and skipping...
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