August 25th, 2005


Curiouser and curiouser...

For some reason, here at hospital, I can not find the AT&T Worldnet web page to check my e-mail...

ETA: 09:20 It appears to be working again. I suspect the site was having problems/under maintenance/something to make the magic not work.
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Photo Blogging, the Experiment Continues

So, just days before the Summer FCORN (Florida Council periOperative Registered Nurses) Meeting, held this year aboard Carnival Line's MS Imagination, we found ourselves with enough funds in the account to support the purchase of a new camera for Thomas J. Macheski, dba Mad Shutter-bug Photography. Namely, and to whit, a Nikon D70s digital SLR with an 18 - 70 mm zoom lens.

These photos were made on that cruise, and are the start of the learning curve. While they've all been downsized from their original settings (the first day out, I used Fine Quality, Large, which gave me some impressive JPG's at 3008 by 2000 pixels), they are all still behind a cut for the bandwidth friendliness factor. Each photograph also serves as a link to the larger size image on the LJ Photo Server.

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Oh, and I was also able to get some of my required Nursing Continuing Education on this cruise.

More later.