August 26th, 2005



It's Friday, so instead of doing a continuation of photos and actually making my "technical" comments about the new camera, I shall be scrub nurse for Deep Brain Stimulators and Lumbar Spine Stimulators.

How Stimulating.
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Continuing the Experiment

It occurs to me that there is supposed to be a bit of Nikon D70s review along with this (for my photography buddies).

Collapse )

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There's some more from the Day At Sea, but I don't have them with me currently (finishing up a day at work, off the clock, posting photos). I'll post those later.

Overall, I'm not too displeased with the interaction between LJ and LJ's photo storage. The table is rather bland (I'd prefer to alternate photos from left to right, with text opposite as in this one), but hey, it's already paid for.