August 29th, 2005


Hurricane Katrina

I've been watching this one.

Last year's Month of Storms got my attention, and I've lived in Florida (or as some friends and acquaintences like to call it, Baja Georgia, though the further south one gets, the less Georgia-like it is) long enough that I've never taken hurricanes for granted. In my experience, the storms that make it into the Gulf become somewhat more unpredictable than the ones coming in off the Atlantic. Unlike some I know, who downplay the Gulf, I also expect the storms to strengthen once they make it there.

Like Katrina.

My new friend janetmiles posted this entry listing a site for helping keep connected with people in Katrina's path. And another friend who lives in South Florida checked in, is doing OK without all the usual ammenities we take for granted following the storm crossing Miami. I'm somewhat gratified to see (through the news) that others also are taking these storms seriously and doing what's wisest... to quote Monty Python's Holy Grail, "Run Away!"

Sometimes, it's all one can do.