September 11th, 2005


Did I Mention?

How much I truly love rural baja georgia phone lines? And Internet connections via same? It is aggrevated by being near the end of a branch line; which still seems to confuse me as people not far away from us (geographically) have DSL service. Then again, their phone lines come in to their place from a different direction. (No, chasoloki, I'm not referring to you; it's some folk between Archer and Bronson.)

I'll be flying out to Knoxville in a few hours; some last minute packing (like, the laptop) and driving directions from the airport to the hotel. TTFN
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On the Way

Here I sit in Hoggetowne's airport... just gotta go ahead and use the free wireless Internet on principle. Will post more later.
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Arrived Alive

With an amusing interlude in Charlotte...

Duct tape? On airplanes?

Actually, it's called "speed tape" because it will withstand a windspeed just shy of 400 mph, and was covering freshly applied sealant over the cockpit windows. I've seen it used before, long time ago. So I wasn't worried about the appearance. My travelling companions, however, were not sure they wanted to board the aircraft. *G*

Ahhhh. High speed Internet.