September 13th, 2005


Food and Sleep

The thing about food franchise places (fast food or otherwise) is that they're predictable. There's some allowance for variation between places but not a lot. Speaks to the tendancy for familiarity, I guess. Sunday my intreped travelling companions and I wandered to an Outback for dinner. Yes, the food was good, and yes, the food was Outback. One nice thing is the salad was fresh, and the blue cheese dressing was very cheesy. In a good way. Other than that, though, a safe, predictable meal.

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Sleep, now, is a different matter. It's not my bed, and while I'm sleeping, I'm doing so in two - three hour stints for some reason. Some of that is no doubt the lack of the normal night sounds (which out on the ranch do not include traffic noise, and the hotel is about a quarter-mile from the interstate). I'm sure our roosters are still letting each other know they're around and claiming their respective territories in the bird yard, but their voices don't carry to TN.