September 17th, 2005


Home Again

Arrived in Hoggetowne more or less on schedule; left Knoxville a bit later than scheduled because of a sudden thunderstorm in Charlotte putting us on ground hold. However, the layover in Charlotte easily allowed time for this, and I suspect our connection to be late arriving also (though not by much) due to the same weather.

At any rate, touchdown in Hoggetowne at 18:45. Picked up by Ruthie shortly after that, more fortunate than about half the passengers on our full flight because my checked bag was one of the first to be placed on the belt. The belt itself broke down maybe two minutes after I snagged my bag. Well, it wasn't my turn to wait.

We stopped to eat at Steak and Pasta, in part because R hadn't ever eaten there yet. It's good food, though for pasta we much prefer Carrabba's. Leftovers came home to provide additional goodies for Mamma Munch and the Border Collie Bros. Squrrel, apparently, went through a few rough days not feeling particularly well; he's lost a bit of weight. Two things coincided with R noticing he didn't look good. One, such hogs as were free-ranging took the clue bus into a pen. Two, I departed on my journey to Knoxville. Not sure which one (or both) was the causal factor but he definitely was glad to see me. Well, all the BC Bros are glad to see me. I'm glad to see them, too.

Today, laundry. Rest. Relaxation. Helping to set up Ruthann's new computer. Stuff like that.