September 28th, 2005


Big, Little, Yup, Nope

Got nudged today that I've only been talking about "big" projects recently. Not "little" projects. Now, I understood the difference in context, and agree with it to some serious extent. Big = building modifications, Little = things which may be carried on one's person.

But, what's really big, what's little? I haven't been making many photographs recently, is that big, or little? I've been mostly working on one "big" project and not on another, is that big, or little? The things I've been doing on either of those "big" projects, they're the kind of thing that one could look at the place and say to oneself, "I don't see anything different. What's he been doing?" Big, or Little?

Herself may now set foot into her Sewing Studio, the Cottage, flip a switch and have overhead lighting come on throughout. We still need to put up the ceiling panels and insulation. Which is big, which little?

I'm feeling the lack of making photos... but I also need to get some photos printed, and passing on that at least get some others matted and framed. All of it will qualify as doing photography. It's not getting done... big, or little?

Wood is arrived. Measurements for items which may be carried upon one's person are recorded. Layout on paper is started; and the wood is being visually inspected several times a week, looking at the grain, getting a feel for what it looks like on each surface and thus what it's doing in between those surfaces. Getting a feel for where the layout will be applied to the wood and the shaping started. Is that part of the process Big, or is that only Little?

A one-year anniversary of a major change in life is fast approaching; less than a week away today. It's been weighing on my soul, something I knew would be there, which I believe I accepted...

Big? Or Little?
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