September 30th, 2005


Not Amused

So very not.

Might not be quite as severe as last year this time, but welcome to re-runs.

See this smile?

It's fake.
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It's the end of the working day. I was eventually relieved from my room to go help with the site visit folk, and some of them came through my room and I could show them Using Our System Live. But overall... meh.

No lunch break. By the time I was relieved it was getting late for lunch breaks in the first place, and our site visitors time was running out so it was time to show them the parts I couldn't show them while in a room. This same kind of shit is a replay of last year this time. meh.

Now I've got limited time to try to make the tag office and get a tag renewed. Might make it. No one elses fault but mine on this one, I procrastinated. meh.

And Herself is off and down to Deltona for the weekend, won't be there to smile at me when I get home.

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    You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
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