October 1st, 2005


Leaving the "meh" behind

A phone call from a friend, and it's looking a lot better for a daytrip to gorge on fresh fish and rice. The tag for the Subaru is renewed, which eliminates the liklihood of the Subaru being stopped for an expired license on the way to and from gorging on fresh fish. And once again, the magic of the drive away from G'vill and hospital works its effect on the "meh"; By the time I'd reach Tower Road, teh "meh" was dripping off the outside of the Subaru. By the time I reached Parker Road, nothing remained except some memory.

Herself is off to Deltona, but Herself's Sloppie Joe leftovers on sour dough bread is teh die for as a supper. Also, she left a coupon on my desk for 50% off of all picture frames a Jo-Ann's; today is the last day it is good, and while I don't need a lot of frames I do see it as an excellent excuse for a trip into town... and while I'm there just co-incidentally seeing a movie. Anyone who hasn't, and is local enough to do so, and who reads this... if you've got my cell # give me a ring. If you don't have my cell #... *sigh*

Right now, it's getting along to time to go feed the ranch critters and stretch the Border Collie Bro legs.
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