October 2nd, 2005


About Time

Just about time to head out to feed the Maternity Goats and Hogs. The other goats and the cows are on a graze day; they are fed supplemental every other to every third day. And the Border Collie Bros need their legs stretched, and then I'll be getting cleaned up to head on down the road.

Wound up not heading into town yesterday; an extreme case of "house suck" took over. Found some DVD's Herself either picked up or brought back from Deltona and watched a movie that way. Did make some photographs of the goats, and at least one I'm thinking about making into a user icon... we'll see. It will be a moderately rude icon if I do use it. *G*

Todai and Home Again

Not a Hobbit's tale.

Met up with M & P for the trip down, split fuel expenses *yea!*, great visit with several folk known face to face and previously through correspondance, good to meet in the corporeal space.

Much fresh fish and rice consumed, as well as other delectable repasts (the crab-pancakes were quite yummy).

And safely home again. Watched a bit of Mystery on the telly. Loaded the photos from the card to the box... yes, there is photographic evidence. Do I hear offers of remuneration to suppress?

Thus passed the 17th Annual Sushi Bash