October 6th, 2005


It's a New Year

I've made arrangements for the electronic payment of bills, which is one of the things I rather enjoy about these current times. We've also rounded up some pigs who elected to go for walkabout; with no difficulty I might add which seems to indicate they retain memory structures related to the last break-out.

*Piggie 1*: Ya know, it's nice out here.
*Piggie 2*: Yeah, it is.
*Piggie 3*: Yeah, but don't forget what happened to Piggie 10. When the food and water providers come out and open the pen back up, I'm going back in right away. Piggies inside the pen don't get shot and eaten.

Some light maintenance related to one hog water station done as well; swapping out a hose connection. I've two hog water stations to clean up now, holding in reserve for this coming winter and potential freeze damage. Yes, boys and girls, it does freeze in this part of North Central Baja Georgia. Not for very long, but it does freeze.

Thus concludes the major ranch work for the day. And I am not at hospital today, though hospital may not appreciate that, because something eaten in the past 24 hours encouraged the through-put of waste processing without pausing for water reclamation. Hmm, that does seem a rather delicate turn of phrase.

So I'm encouraging the intake of fluids, and taking things rather easy for a day. Either later on today (if the leash to the porcelain seat lengthens), or tomorrow after hospital I shall need to stop at places in town for some mats and at least one frame. I've got the prints, and need to get them ready for a fund-raiser auction which will take place next week at the marvelous location of Campbell's Resort in Lake Chelan, WA. I promised at least three prints for this.

And now, it's time for lunch. Soup. Yes.
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