October 7th, 2005



It's been a busy morning here. Lumbar Punctures would be the official name for poking a hole in the lower back in order to instill chemotherapy medications. The good news is, they're short, and we've been doing a good process of taking care of them all safely and expeditiously.

On the other hand, there's no one assigned to provide me a lunch relief. I'm making a supposition this means when we're done (waiting to start our last one), there's nothing else coming into this room, and I'll get my own lunch then.

ETA: Hmm... this would appear not to be the case after all.
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A Day

It's been... a day. Not unexpected that I'd be in a room; it's Homecoming Weekend and all kinds of folk wanted the time off for that. Parade today, plus a Run, and this evening big toodoo of Gator Growl. I used to go and sit on the Union North Lawn outside (well outside) the stadium during Growl, couldn't hear the shows, but it was a great seat for the fireworks show.

But I won't be here for that. I do need to stop a couple places on the way home to pick up some pre-cut mats and some frames. Kind of watching the time on that. Want to miss some of the traffic, and I'm running some reports to port out to PDF files for my own use in a presentation on the current project. However, there's several of those reports to run, and I don't want to wait too long for getting to at least one of the places I need to go. I do want to have the mats and frames for over the weekend, so as to get that work done.

Eh. Some of it's a replay of last year, when short-staffing required I be used in direct patient care after a couple year break. That's when the Great Discovery was made: I'm ready to be taking care of other RN's who are taking care of patients, and not be taking care of patients myself. Sounds odd, I suppose, particularly to someone who's not an RN. There's somewhat less sturm und angst about it this time around. I guess that's a good thing.
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