October 9th, 2005



Several years ago, shrouded in non-recollection, I stumbled across a web site called Classmates Dot Com. Now, my initial foray into checking this out included a pseudonym; not sure why anymore. Excessive paranoia, I guess. Eventually I did register Mad Shutterbug's Physical Universe Name and listed three schools; no one contacted me (no surprises, nor disappointment), and apparently only seven people visited my "profile" there. For the past year I've not logged on, but did just recently. I suspect part of the reason is related to LJ's new little toy, "Schools."

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So, we'll see. Maybe I'll hear back from the one. Maybe I'll be able to track the second down, now that I've got a bit more information to work with. The latter two, though, seem to be lost in the sands of time.

How very Zen.