October 12th, 2005


Not Enough Coffee

 Yet. That's the only hopeful thought at the moment. A bit groggy this morning, and up at the usual time despite this being the start of one week away from hospital. I've work to do this morning. There's some printing to do, and then it's time to pack. This afternoon (it will be a long one) will be spent traveling to Washington State, so as to join my colleagues in the Washington State Council of Perioperative Nurses for an educational seminar. Not co-incidentally, I will be presenting at this same seminar.

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Since I am traveling with laptop, I expect I may be able to do updates as we go along. I remember being able to last year, for sure.

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Yes, I've done this one before too.

MadShutterbug NEEDS CURE FOR HOMOPHOBIA (Yes! Yes! Preferably in an easily distributable airborne vaccine.)

MadShutterbug 'Needs A Hat' (Well, one may never have too many hats. Or caps.)

It's obvious that MadShutterbug needs to be back in a school setting - amongst his peers... (Not so obvious to me, though.)

MadShutterbug needs a paycut... I don't think so! However, as it next said 'am I the only one who misreads this as "MadShutterbug needs  a haircut?" ' I might could go with that.

MadShutterbug needs some conceler, he is famouse and a little note to him, if youre famous you aren't supposed to go out like that. oh well he is still hot!!! (I have fans! OMG! Now, if they could only spell and punctuate correctly...)

MadShutterbug needs to find Jesus ("And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus, leave Levon far behind...")

MadShutterbug needs to show more discretion when sharing early information. We encourage him to find a confidant (Any Volunteers?)

MadShutterbug needs to do some CREST commercials and show off his Big Pants (So... Open You Eye!)

We will bring you the latest news and pictures of MadShutterbug, along with all your MadShutterbug needs, such as pics, wallpapers, videos and much more! (See! I do have fans! WooHoo!)

MadShutterbug needs handgun ammo to perform critical hits against    (Wouldn't you like to know?)

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