October 13th, 2005


Greetings from Lake Chelan

Arrived at wonderful SeaTac airport after a delightfully unremarkable flight. Unremarkable other than perhaps the sight of the Needle after dark from the air as we crossed Seattle. Slept. Woke up at body time 06:00 and went back to sleep; up around 07:00 local time. Helped finish loading the vehicles, then we headed out from Tacoma to Campbell's Resort in Chelan, on the shore of Lake Chelan, and it's still a nice place to be just like it was last year. Helped unload the vehicles, and then crossed the road.

Why did the Mad Shutterbug cross the road? That's where the Safeway is, and I wanted creamer for coffee in the morning and beer for tonight. Alaska Winter Ale, a right fine nutty tasting brew. I've still got work to do for the presentation I'm to do tomorrow, so I'm not planning on a long dinner with friends, probably just a sandwich in the pub.

It's good to be here. Caught a few photos of leaf color changes on the road, and some cloud photos going through Snoqualmie Pass. And continued my series of autumn scenes from the shore of Lake Chelan.

Gotta go eat.