October 15th, 2005


Pumpkin Tossing!

One of the things I like about coming to this particular OR Nursing conference is...

Friday night is a Halloween Costume Party, complete with costume contest and pumkin carving contest. And, when the pumpkin judging is done... well, there's a foot bridge across the parking lot here. We all gets together, and we all goes out on the footbridge (or down in the parking lot), and we

Tosses our Pumpkins!

The staff here at Campbells Resort love it too. They set out a big tarp (to make cleanup easier), and then sit back to watch the crazy intoxicated nurse Tossing their Pumpkins. One of the guys was sidetracked tonight; there's a group of marine patrol police officers meeting here as well (after all it is on Lake Chelan), who asked him what was up... and while he answered their questions we TOSSed our Pumpkins! WooHoo!

I go pass out now.
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My presentations are done; there are sessions going on currently, and I am gleefully playing hookie. A brief note updating, and out the door camera in hand. This side of the Mountain, it's clear and sunny, and looks like good light.