October 22nd, 2005


Over the River

We hie'd ourselves today, and through the woods, to Mary's house. Nearby we stopped to pick up a U-Haul truck, and we've loaded the major portion of the furniture which is part of R's inheritance; a couch and settee for our library/TV room, two wing-back chairs which will go into the "formal" living room, a marvelous trestle-style oak dining table with extending leaves and eight chairs, and two hexagonal end-tables with slate tops. R wanted those because they are also "storage" units, which Mother Mary used for photo albums (and I expect R to do the same).

We did a quick reconoiter of the shed out in the yard, because there are some frames out there which will come to our place as well. Good thing we did, as we spotted carpenter ants running around the base. They'll need to check that out further, and have it dealt with. Too dark to move anything, particularly with the ants being out there, so we'll deal with the rest of that in the morning.

Meanwhile, R's sister, R (actually, all of R's sisters are R; for some reason Mother Mary decided to name all her daughters with names beginning with R. So you get to be confused. I'm not, but that's because I've met them face to face. *G*) and her husband D stopped by earlier, taking the kids J & J (yup, another family tradition, this time on his side) out shopping for their pumpkin. The kids get to spend tonight with Grams, so their parents can go to a costume party. D stopped by briefly to help me move the couch into the truck. That sucker's going to require some help getting it into the house, too. R does not have a good enough grip on it; sequealae of carpal tunnel (long since repaired, but with some permanent loss).

They're supposed to stop by on their way to the party, so we can get some snaps of them in costume. Should be interesting. This is a family which quite frequently takes Halloween costumes very seriously.

Anyway, we've cleared out the portions of the house which will receive the incoming furniture, or nearly so. There's a wing-back chair which needs re-upolstering, and a futon couch frame which needs a new futon (we knew the old one was near the end of it's lifespan, and it is) still in the library. We'll move both over to the Studio when we get back up there. The chair, in fact, R is intending to leave in the studio after re-upolstering as a portrait chair. The futon frame is up for sale for anyone local that wants it (Cheap!). If we don't find buyers, that's probably OK as I'll use it in the front room of the Studio to provide crash space for out-of-town models as needed.

Now we're waiting for deliver pizza, and salad, for our dinner tonight.