November 5th, 2005


It Is Weekend

I'm thankful for weekends. Life has not always been so, that while still gainfully employed to support one's self and family, that weekends were time off of work.

And for Friday (distracted by that same Gainful Employment), I am thankful for friends, physical and virtual, and their delightful senses of humor. Specifically for responses to my poll. I set that up because I was tired and mildly frustrated, and so several of the responses include tongue in cheek. Thus, I'm probably going to interpret the plethora of responses to "Pirates, Arrrgh" as complementary to taking the money and running.

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Another Thought

This brought on by various entries regarding the NaNo write-in thingie, and editors, and such.

Once I had a good friend who did get paid for putting words on paper. He never claimed to be a writer. "I'm a word mechanic," he said, "I'm only interested in getting paid so I can go fly."

He was a damn good word mechanic. Enough people bought his words instead of beer that he could go fly.

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