November 14th, 2005



I am so glad I tossed me hat into a ring.

'Nuff said for now.
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Hat inna ring.
Bats inna belfry.
Still lookin' crosseyed at surgeon.

Welcome to Monday.
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Finishing on a Rather More Humerous Note

Because I somewhat enjoyed this, nicked from songius

Typed "Me secretly" into Google, and discovered:

Myrtle and madshutterbug secretly agree to meet at Catherine's house. (Who is Myrtle, and why meet secretly at my sister's house?)

madshutterbug secretly works with the horse, risks being barred from the stable, and then saves the horse from a watery death in the ocean. (Awwww)

madshutterbug secretly breaks a string on Old Pat's harp in an attempt to ensure his own victory. (Ain't I the vicious one?)

madshutterbug secretly videotapes his encounters with call girls. (Nu UH! No secrets at all, I'd be getting release forms signed!)

madshutterbug secretly read 3 response forms from a collection of 1000 survey forms of people who were queried on their alcohol drinking habits. (*hic*)

madshutterbug secretly lives in madshutterbug's house, which causes many misunderstandings. (First of which is, why am I secretly living in my own house?)

madshutterbug secretly fears the dark because darkness represents the unknown; that which cannot be controlled. (Um, not so much. In the one formal photography class I took, I was frequently accused of photographing in "available darkness".)

She thinks that madshutterbug has siphoned assets from the corporation and steered corporate opportunities to a competing company that madshutterbug secretly established. (I'd like to find that account!) (And, who is She?)

madshutterbug secretly gathered his allied councilors in a secret meeting to move for the rejection of the Obereiter plan. (Achtung! Secretly, 'cause it's a secret)

madshutterbug secretly dresses up in red leather, and...
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