November 23rd, 2005



I'm thankful for gainful employment.
For friends, and family. On and off line, both again, met face to face, and otherwise.
For hats in rings.
For art, and the creation thereof.
For the breakfast I didn't get this morning, and the late lunch break I'll probably get today.
For horses and cows and goats and chickens.
For Border Collie Bros and Mamma Munch and the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse and their older brother Raz Meowson.

I Am

Tired. Bone-weary, somewhat concerned about the drive home tired. Not sure why I should be so tired. Well, that's a bit of a mis-direction. I've got suspicions, none of them physical-based.

Tomorrow it's up early, toss some food at the ranch critters and go join R's family for T-day. Or at least most of them. It's going to be a long day, we're planning on being home tomorrow night. Because, you see, Friday evening it's off to a wedding rehersal (R is in the wedding party), and Saturday evening is the wedding itself.

I'm going along because I like going places with my honeybear. And because Saturday will be an excellent excuse to wear the Birthday Present Sexy New Boots. I don't think I'll wear the full-blown formal Black Tie, not being a member of the wedding party. Which, BTW singingnettle, isn't really a tux, it's a boise. Believe you mentioned something about me in a tux next door at Flickr (and thank you for the compliment), but I've never, ever worn one of those. *G*

Now that does lead me to think, what types of formal wear have I worn. Hmm. Think I've a portrait in another type of formal wear somewhere...
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