December 14th, 2005


What Does It Say About...

Been faced with a (?) here at Hospital. The IT department decided to "simplify" the log-in process, and re-vamped the intranet home page to do this. Now, on the one hand, the process does simplify somewhat because we take a big step closer to "Single Sign On (SSO)" meaning one user name, one password gets people to everything they need to do. On the other hand, we (the OR, and one of if not the biggest income source for Hospital) received word one week before Implementing The Plan that The Plan was to be Implemented, Please Review. This, without any advance notice to do any staff teaching. And on the Gripping Hand, the SSO doesn't pass across to the specific program most of the people in the OR are using anyway, but does reset all the other passwords as we started to use it...

Anyway. What does it say about me that when I worked myself through this process, I reset my password so that every time I log onto any PC or application at Hospital that is affected by this process, my password says something rude about this?
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