December 31st, 2005


New Year's Eve

Came in with a Bang and will go out with Cheesy Piggie, or Blasphemous Dip. We sold a goat to a neighbor family, who will be enjoying goat for New Year's Eve and Day meals. If this bothers you, the gate's that way.

And Cheesy Piggie is doing it's thing in the crock pot for tonight's gathering(s) at other neighbors. This batch is a bit of experiment, as I found a "generic" equivalent from Publix of the processed cheese product used. It's lower in sodium, and I just had to try it. Much milder; I could probably of used a medium salsa, or both portions of sausage as spicy instead of mixing them. Ah well, that's what black and white pepper are for, as well as some other things I've yet to toss in. And yes, there are bagel bits to scoop the Cheesy Piggie with, making it the Blasphemous Dip.

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On the other hand, any excuse for a party is a good excuse, and so tonight we will toddle of down the road to friends and neighbors and celebrate the earth turning on its axis for the 365th time since last December 31. Before then, I'm going for a tramp on our ranch with the Border Collie Bros, who seem to like doing that no matter what day it is. I think that's a good way to look at life. And on that note, all, Happy New Year.