January 15th, 2006



I logged onto Herself's computer this morning, because she needs her Symantec renewed and, well, that's one of my functions don'tyouknow. It's interesting; it's a 44,000 bps connection, making this a really good connection. Still not good enough for downloading upgrades, though. So we're getting her renewal and upgrade via the Brown Truck.

Quiet day on the Ranch yesterday. I spent it with the BorderCollie Bros, and the horses by re-introducing them to brushing and combing. Not a lot of it, as it is a re-introduction. However, Sage at least is like, hey, I remember that. Stormy, however, is still not quite so sure about me.

And, snagged from a multitute of places (hmm, lessee, wedschilde, fatfred, singingnettle, canuckdesz, amongst others...

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Well, off to feed the critters.
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