January 28th, 2006



It's the weekend, and it is also the first day of Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. Well, second day from the viewpoint of the Rennies, since yesterday was set-up. Either way, being Hoggetowne means Herself is on off down the road already, and I have the Ranch Watch. So shortly, I'll be off and out to feed the critters and take census.

The census is necessary because Solly, the two-year-old bull, has taken to crossing fences. What this means is, he's likely to become beef in short order, and even possibly short-order beef. We don't need an animal that large that's disregarding boundaries. I wouldn't mind so much if he were coming over into the house compound exclusively, but at least twice he's been out on the road. This is bad enough, but it's aggravated by the fact that there is a fairly good sized group of people who've moved into the 'neighborhood' further up the road (and it's essentially a dead-end road, so access is past our place) who came out of the city and seem to think that's still where they are as far as driving is concerned. Which means if they exceed the posted speed limit (designated by the County because of both children and livestock that live along the road) and still hit a cow that's out on the road because they didn't see it in time, they're not at fault.

Once feeding and census is done, I'll need to pack up the shopping list and head into town for household supplies. I may well be able to swing by the Faire on that trip, and I'll be able to get in through the Participant's Gate. On the other hand, I'm debating whether or not I care to bring along garb.