March 18th, 2006



I am up, in one sense, way too early for today. No obligations until near noon, and I intend a liesurely start. My body apparently planned otherwise, though I did sleep at least a half hour longer than usual. Now I am sipping coffee in the room with The Weather Channel on, turned way way down because of the (frequent) obnoxious ads, in oder to determine local weather; cool, and windy.

Dinner last evening with my colleagues on the Nominating Committee at a place called DC Coast. Very good seafood. I had Ginger BBQ Seared Ahi Tuna over rice and sauteed greens, and there is a salmon dish that looked yummy. Finished it off with a chocolate souffle with Jameson's Irish poured over. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I made Mini-Fred sleep in the other bed. I think he found a cat somewhere. For being such a small otter, that bed is pretty ... dishevled.

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