March 20th, 2006


Day Two

Well, day two of conference is over, and with it some more of my obligations. THe next two days are relatively light; I'll actually get to some continuing ed sessions and don't have any specific obligations, unless something comes up. Nice time schmoozing with several friends today in the afternoon. mini_fred finally showed up around noon, dragging his tail. He perked up a little bit but believe it or not, he's passed out right now, snoring softly.

It's a damn shame he's actually sorta cute when he's asleep.

Tomorrow night will be a big party night.

Tonight was a quiet night; I had some work to do (stuff that needed to be finalized here, and will need to be printed tomorrow), and ate dinner here at the hotel. Good meal, New York strip which was quite frankly red, and quite a tasty shitake sauce over it preceeded a Maryland Crab Soup. Really, it was more a chowder, and wonderfully spicy. Saute' zuccini, carrots, and something, and macaroni and cheese as a side. T'weren't no Kraft mac and cheese, either.

Now it's off to sleep. Another early day tomorrow. Oh, and it's right chilly out there. Snow is forcast tonight, with more tomorrow or possibly ice pellets. Glad I only got to walk a block to the convention center. Glad I got a good coat, too.
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