March 28th, 2006


Home Again, Home Again

Arrived home happy and safe after being picked up at the airport by Herself. We did pause on the way home at the grocery, yes, it's back to mundanity again. All this after up very early at Chez Canuckdesz to get me to the airport, canuckdesz to work on time, and avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic. I am hoping the plan worked completely, because the first part if it went very well.

Other than the security check at Ray Gun National. Then again, I was anticipating that, but it was my computer bag that caught their interest rather than my camera bag. Go figure. The one of the TSA people gave me a hard time for leaving the computer pocket open. Well, yes, since I need to put the computer back into the pocket, duh! Move here, do what we say, but don't do anything that will make your life more convenient, traveller! Feh. I feel more secure, I do.

But I am home, and have greeted Mama Mudge, and am heading out shortly to spent time with the Bros. It's been a crazy week. Rewarding. Productive. Fun. Definitely crazy.
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