April 1st, 2006


Ten Simple Pleasures Meme

Last week, while I wandered through another galaxy far, far away, I was tagged by wedschilde to name ten of life's simple pleasures that I like most, then pick how ever many people I want to do the same.

In no particular order:

1. Watching the sun rise, or the sun set, regardless of the weather.
2. The gentle caress of a mare's nose as she searches for the hidden carrots.
3. Thy myriad musical tones of surf on the shore of Lake Huron (by extension, this is true anywhere, it's simply that my introduction to this joy was at Grandfather's house on the shore of Lake Huron).
4. Loosing my Self in the altered reality of a very good book.
5. Melting into the Universe at the hands of an expert masseuse.
6. The rattle-tap percussion of rain on a tin roof.
7. Visualizing, composing, and capturing the moment in time comprising a photographic haiku.
8. The uncompromising unconditional friendship of a canine companion (currently, a certain Border Collie).
9. The white-hot rush of fresh shredded horseradish, and/or the wasabi green gun-powder shot flowing into and through your nose and sinuses.
10. Matsukaze: the wind in the pines, or the boiling iron kettle.

And now, because it is a perfect number, I tag thatwordgrrl scorched_mirth carlyinrome tassie_gal lomer trinker to name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick how ever many people you want to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else (specifically, moi) already used.
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And Because, After All, It Is

April Fool
alienoradeenlists you in the French Foreign Legion.
annieguenTPs your kidneys.
betnoirglues your car to your bedroom ceiling.
bordercolliebrsbuys you a Russian Bride.
chaoslokieggs your elderly relatives.
fatfredlegally changes your name to MoonBeam Cappa.
janetmilespaints your Russian Bride orange.
marjaisells your cat on Ebay.
singingnettlesmiles. All the time.
tassie_galhas a hundred large anchovy pizzas and a diet coke delivered to your door.
Prank Me

Hmm, a phone call from Oz to order those pizzas... not that's dedication to practical joking.
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