April 11th, 2006



All my troubles seemed...

After all, received a phone call from our friends from the UK who are in nearby Orlando on holiday; they'll be coming up to the Ranch this coming weekend for Easter Dinner. We may be running down one evening this week (probably Friday, if so) to meet them for dinner as well.

mini_fred is bugging me to help him post some more photos from the DC trip; he keeps muttering at Herself when something else gets added to the "Honey Do" list. Get in line, mini_fred. I've more photos of my own that are looking for a place to live on the Internet as well.

Coffee is consumed. Life is good. That is all.

Joys of Connectivity Conundrum

Following up on another thread elsewhere, I stumbled (virtually, thank goodness) over this amusing interlude via utterlyjaded, who probably doesn't read what little I've got to say but is curious about the bordercolliebrs. Hmm, what a conundrum this could be. Do I contact this person directly to say thank you for the humorous link, or let the Bros do it... and what, exactly, is the difference?