May 2nd, 2006



Been scrubbing a bit recently. Not complaining mind, just commenting. Anyone who works in healthcare will recognize the "comes in threes" concept, and that seems to be what applies here.

Also spent time cleaning/clearing over in Studio 318 over the weekend. Dial-up connections are becoming a marvelous incentive to not go online. Which means, lots of time for other things. Like getting the place squared away. This coming weekend will include the process of moving a lot of this stuff to the dump. Even with the higher price of petroleum products, hauling our own costs less than hiring a service out here in the wop-wops.

Next big project for Studio; put together storage for mat board / mounting board stock. That clears out a moderate square footage in the front room and brings material out to a more functional location. The biggest question at that point will be add shelving to the front room for storage? That particular room doubles in concept as a changing room for people coming over to be photographed, and potential crash space for people staying overnight (being photographed or not). But shelving means, of course, vertical storage rather than horizontal.

Smudge has been spending an inordinate amount of time in his house. Rather like back in early March, when mini_fred showed up to visit. Though mini_fred is still about, which probably explains the loud, raucous noises coming from Smudge's house.
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