May 7th, 2006


More Weekend

Slept in again. Semi-lazy day yesterday. Didn't get a dump-run done, but did finish taking down the Maternity Pen for the goats; we're getting ready to move it as another temporary it worked so well; this time, to enclose them while we re-do some other fencing around them. So still productive.

Then we spent a lazy warm afternoon during the hottest portion of the day enjoying the fruits of either/both Sky TV and DVR/TIVO. I've now caught up with Farscape, the Peacekeeper Wars. Nice of them to wrap some things up.

Today will be either putting together that temporary pen, or some more general clean-up, we'll see. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch I need to go see if Mamma Mudge ran off to Pappa Michaels. I suspect she has, since she's not answering calls. She's past the peak of her heat, but she doesn't need to be in heat to go see her Michael.

Hmm, and in my spare time, I need to work on more userpics. Need more userpics.
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